What is the GRI Desingnation Robb Taylor Has?

GRI Desination Robb TaylorFrom time to time, clients ask Robb Taylor what the GRI designation he has means. In this article, we’ll explain what GRI stands for, why Robb spent dozens of hours to earn it and how it helps his clients.

What Does the GRI Designation Mean?

“GRI” stands for the Graduate REALTOR® Institute professional designation series. This symbol is recognized nationwide, is authorized by the National Association of REALTORS® and implemented by the California Association of Realtors.

Why Did Robb Taylor Decide to Earn His GRI Designation? 

Robb has always felt education and knowledge are key to being competent at anything, including real estate. To him, taking the 14 courses an agent takes to earn his or her GRI is simply part of becoming a better, more proficient Realtor. Sadly, only 2% of all Realtors take the time to learn at this level. Happily, Robb is one of the 2% who cares enough to go the extra mile for his profession and clients.

What Type of Courses are Taught?

The GRI courses cover many important topics. The purpose of the work is to give an agent the knowledge and skills to navigate the current real estate climate, no matter the conditions. In addition, the various courses give agents an edge that helps their clients succeed. Below is a list of some of the 14 fields of study.

Essential Concepts of the Residential Purchase Contract. You’d probably be shocked to learn how few agents know the intricacies of the contract their client’s sign when buying or selling a home.

Legal Issues and Disclosure. Real estate agents, in general, have no legal education background. This course gives an agent much more knowledge. This is especially important when it comes to disclosure since most lawsuits that arise have something to do with seller disclosures. Robb believes it is very important to keep his clients safe.

Residential Real Estate Financing. Agents get very little if any training about home financing. Since a large percentage of transactions tragically fall apart due to mortgage issues, it is important your agent knows the ins and outs.

Environment Concerns, Construction Overview and Land.  After the fires and landslide, don’t you want an agent who knows about potential environmental problems and strong knowledge about construction?

Investment Property Analysis, 1031 Exchanges, Money Making Strategies. Agents with a GRI have a clear advantage when it comes to investment properties. Since 98% of all agents do not receive this coursework, someone like Robb Taylor is a clear choice if buying investment properties is your thing.

There are many more courses someone like Robb had to take to earn his GRI, the one noted above are simply some of the most important from a home buyer or sell perspective.

Why Should I Choose an Agent With a GRI Designation?

The bottom line is only 2% of licensed Realtors take the time to earn their GRI. In the industry, an agent with his or her GRI is considered the cream of the crop. They are the ones who are constantly studying and learning. They are the people who take their job and clients very seriously. They are almost always the ones who work full time in the real estate industry.

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